The Hermansdorfer Foundation

Art is the eye of our visions. Important and present in the here and now, as understood by Mariusz Hermansdorfer – art critic and director of the National Museum in Wrocław in 1983-2013, in which he established an excellent collection of Polish contemporary art. He chose only what resonated with him and his time. However, the Hermansdorfer private collection contains something more, which can be described as traces of personal friendship with Magdalena Abakanowicz, Edward Dwurnik, Izabela Gustowska, Jan Lebenstein, Zbigniew Makowski, Leon Tarasewicz and many others. These traces became part of the family’s everyday landscape, along with the paintings of Władysław Jarocki and other artists from the Krakow school, saved during the war from their home in Lviv. Pictures and rugs that were never for sale. The mission of the Top Modern Art Foundation is to take care of the collection and to promote friendship with art at arm’s length, as needed for life, like bread, beans and sun rays.


The Hermansdorfer Foundation carries out its mission, on the one hand, by making the family collection available, and on the other – by creating new meetings and events related to art. Artists play a key role here. Their sensitivity and the way they perceive the world becomes an invitation to make a closer acquaintance. To friendship. The Foundation supports in a special way the presence of art in public spaces and wherever there is a potential for participatory activities. For sharing and feeding the quality of the vision.